Engineering Support

Design, reverse engineering, technical investigation, testing and fabrication.

Engineering is by far the key ingredient in the Jroberts Defence operation.  Where most shops quit is where we begin. We are able to conduct Technical Investigations and provide the Engineering Support (TIES). We go from problem, to reverse engineering and prototyping, testing and eventually manufacturing, to writing the Technical Publication in both French and English.

Our 50,000 square feet of production space utilizes CNC and Robotic machining and fabrication with a very wide array of suppliers. It encompasses in-house 3D printing capabilities along with available suppliers on demand (3D scanning and 3D modeling to final production drawings).

Jroberts specialties include electrical and mechanical systems and components.


COTS, SMP, Ruggedization.

Modifications to military vehicles are the most challenging and the most difficult to deploy since upgrades are typically necessary across fleet wide actions. We have completed a number of modifications over the years with great success..


Restoring vehicles back to OEM standards.

This entails taking the vehicle or system back to OEM Standards using exacting measurements and original parts. The vehicles we restore at Jroberts Defence are typically damaged beyond driving conditions.


Routine service, preventative maintenance and repairs for electrical (12 & 24 volt).

Maintenance is performed at our Fourth Line repair facility in North York. The fourth line is where vehicles are stationed when allother measures are exhausted and the work is more involved. General vehicle maintenance and safety are the norm, but our technicians realize that these vehicles typically required more in-depth attention (ie. heavier than usual because of armoring, 24 volt and 12 volt electrical systems).