Department of Transport, Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations & Ministerial Authorization

Under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, Jroberts International Inc. is authorized to apply the national safety mark to any vehicle of a prescribed class referred to in section 4 of the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, on the condition that the vehicle conforms to all of the applicable Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The national safety mark must be applied at a Jroberts facility. This ministerial authorization was Issued in Ottawa on April 25, 2012 and expires on notification of cancellation.

NOTE: All vehicles made for sale in Canada and all vehicles imported into Canada, including specific vehicle classes such as low-speed vehicles, trailers and multi-purpose passenger vehicles, must meet the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Manufacturers and importers must follow the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, safety standards, technical standards documents and test methods.The Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations also apply to companies that modify or add equipment to make specialty vehicles such as security vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, motorhomes, school buses and limousines and trailers.

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