ITB (Industrial Regional Benefits), formerly IRB (Industrial Regional Benefits) Section

IRB Success Story from Industry Canada between Daimler and Jroberts in Canada.

Launch of the IRB Policy Investment Framework (@ Jroberts Defence February 20, 2103)

Jroberts continues to leverage the ITB policy resulting in a winning after sales combination for Canada, The Canadian Contractor and The Prime.

We have the following Key industrial capabilities / Leading Competencies and Critical Industrial Services we offer in Canada and to our partner NATO allies.


Metal, ceramic, composite, or other material solutions used for both vehicle and individual soldier protection. This includes both the development and manufacture of underlying materials, and the design and manufacture of armour solutions for specific military, security, and law enforcement applications.

Defence Systems Integration

Design and integration of complex military systems that hinge on the seamless linking together of multiple sub-systems to yield an effective operational capability. These capabilities span various military platforms and enable the operation and management of weapons, defensive systems, command and control systems, sensors, decision support systems, electronic warfare devices and a platform’s core sub-systems in a tightly coordinated fashion essential under highly stressing combat conditions. These systems need to present information to their operators stemming from multiple sources in a manner that is understandable, secure, and supports decision-making in a complex environment. This definition does not include the various constituent systems (e.g., missile launching systems, radars, electronic warfare systems) that the work of defence systems integration aims to combine into a cohesive whole. Rather, the definition focuses on the skills and other capabilities needed to perform the integration work, and to create the user interface that is needed in such complex mission systems

Ground Vehicle Solutions

Design, engineering, advanced manufacturing, integration, and testing of sophisticated combat and combat support vehicles.

In-Service Support

This represents a set of capabilities needed to operate and sustain a range of military platforms and systems operating in all domains across their lifespans. In this context, the phrase “operate and sustain” includes a wide array of activities, including maintenance, repair and overhaul; diagnostic, prognostic and health management; spares and supply chain management; configuration management; system and software modification and upgrade for both capability enhancement and life extension; and overall product support integration (PSI).

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