Features & Benefits

In-Field Repair & Overhaul

Plus full spare parts kits & operating manual.

Proven Performance

Testing in Gagetown, Val Cartier, Camp Bullis, Texas

Increased Safety

  • HTM Lock
  • Gunners Sling
  • Top Plate Secured to Vehicle
  • Interior Hatch Door Lock
  • Emergency External Access
  • Secure Door Latch

Maximum Corrosion Resistance

  • Over 100 Stainless Steel Parts
  • Over 320 Zinc Coated Parts
  • 6 More Grease Points
  • Radiused Edged Corners
  • Paint Spec - CARC MIL-DTL-53022C

Repair and Overhaul of Canadian Forces G-Wagon Weapon Station and Technical Solution

The re-engineered, tested and fabricated Manned Weapon Stations have become key products of Jroberts Defence and have been installed in more than 400 in-service vehicles within the Canadian Military fleet.

JRG900 Weapon Station